Saturday, September 06, 2008

There Will Be Change No Matter What: Questions for Discerning your Vote

The following is an excerpt from the Borgmann-Family Blog. I am writing after the close of the Republican National Convention, posing questions for further reflection and discernment. My Aunt Marian's comment follows.

Notes on the Republican National Convention

There will be change, no matter what.

We will have a feisty war hero who has served this country for decades, paired with a fiery woman who has lead in Alaska. Or we will have a feisty black man who inspires and believes in
change from the bottom up, paired with a seasoned Catholic congressman.

Both will serve and work for reforming and rebuilding the failed parts of this country's economy, its relationships between its citizens and immigrants here, and its relationships with others
across the globe. Both will work for the greatest good in making change in our energy
sources and educational systems.

HOW each will do this, though, is what we must all be really curious about, and really weigh.

What has shaped the perspective and capacity to lead of each Presidential Nominee?
What shapes and governs our individual perspectives and thus influences most greatly how we vote?
What is each of our top issues, and how did that issue get born?
What do we agree on in this family?
Is there a coalition or platform that is the readership of this list- serve?
How can we see all sides or facets of the issues most pressing our family?

How can we see all sides or facets of the issues most pressing for our country? (How might these greatly differ or align? Who don't we see in the Borgmann Family Blog? Who do we?)

What assignments or research might we have to do, in order to grasp the fullness of what is before us?
How much time or energy do any one of us have to investigate anything?

What do we want our budget to look like?
How do our allocated resources reflect our priorities?

Prayers, Peace,

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Marian Borgmann Ingwersen said...

I like the budget question.

I wish we could all go to our computers, write in the amount of federal taxes we pay and divide it up by percentage towards the programs we want to support. If everyone could do that ... we'd see where the people's priorities really are. I think it could be very interesting. Of course most of us would probably forget things like building river levees but maybe the outcome could be used as a guide. m

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