Friday, September 12, 2008

On Race: An excerpt from National Public Radio and Nebraska

The following is an excerpt from the Borgmann-Family-Political-e-Discourse. The exchange is between two family members in Nebraska. I'm drawn by my aunt's response to the National Public Radio reporting on race in this election, and her brother-in-law's sarcastic, vivid, but honest retort --drawing on his life working in the south and in the manufacturing industry.


I heard something very disturbing on the way home from work yesterday on NPR. A black female reporter and white male reporter interviewed a group of black and white men and women from some little place in Penn, and asked how they were planning on voting and why , and if race had anything to do with their choices. The majority of the whites were going with McCain (several were undecided) and all of the blacks with Obama. When asked point blank why the whites wouldn't vote for a black person, none of them gave a sensible answer. One woman, who had grown up around black people all her life said that she didn't trust Obama. She said she was just sure that he was Muslim, despite what he's said, and that once a Muslim, you're a Muslim until you're dead! It was sickening. The blacks were also all voting for Obama because he was black, and that I can understand better. One woman said she was so sure of him, because being black, Obama would be watched as close as "white on rice" and he wouldn't be able to get away with anything because he's black. I'm just as sure that there are now a multitude of Republicans voting for McCain / Sarah Palin strictly because she's a woman and a lot of men because she's a pretty one with "spunk".
It just drives me nuts that no one is thinking of the issues, or really listening to what is being said.


Classic example is the south. They used to be the solid Democratic south until that rotten Democrat Lyndon Johnson passed equal rights. I have probably said this before but I was in Biloxi, Mississippi when that bill was passed and those white born again evangelicals were "absolutely furious" about that and to this day they vote strictly Republican because they don't like blacks.

I give plant tours where I work occasionally to people from all over the world. On a couple of tours probably about two years apart, I got asked the following question from some people from the south—Georgia in both cases as I recall.

"Ya'll got any n----r's working here?"

So goes the southern Bible belt.

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