Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kissing Juno Goodbye! (The Final Photos)

It all culminates in a sweet kind of solvency, closure, and then ultimate continuance...
Towards more love, more creation, more questions and relationship-building...

What follows are the final images from 1188 Juno days: the final party and fire, the move, and signing the papers to hand over the keys! Yes! Onward! Mad love! Woohoo!

Saturday's Final Soire: the Early Crew

Pops holds down the "alter" or "shrine space" as it gets built...

I love circles of friends...

Matt thinks he will convert my father back to the Democratic party...ha-larious!

The final shrine for Juno: including Kenyan Wedding candles; South African Art; The Buddha/ Mary/ Jesus/ Faith markers; Spiral embryo mug and champagne cork; Medicine Wheel stone, and fire kindling from snow-day transformations...

North High Colleague, Dear Friend, and Mom-to-be: Julie!

My love and appreciation for ritual possibly was born here: With April, Colleen, and Matt

Former student, dear friend, daughter-woman: Joy Chaney and my own mom, Beth.

Fire on fire

Zac, Jody and Michael stand back...



Memories, tales, more talking

I love this things blur but are still illuminated...(not unlike my whole life)


I am so happy!

Former house-mate, key friend in faith and this journey: Zac Willette

Ms. Ann, the anointing one...

New Loves: Em and JP!

Sunday, post-mass the moving begins with my new pastor, Fr. Jules, from the Church of St. Philips, coming to collect the green leather couch!

John Michaels and Trevon Money: Goofballs!

Let the heavy lifting begin!

Wooho0! Church People permeate all parts of this journey.
Here: Melissa, Fr. Jules, Trevon, Mary Michaels

Monday and the Moving van arrives

Such a glorious motley crew!

JP arrives with the food!

Em serving things up..

We have worked for 3 hours moving by this time and are HUNGRY!

Willette and B'Mo are professional organizers!

Pretty much my entire life is in here...

Cleaning essentials: includes bottles of wine?!

God, I love these people!

To my new neighborhood!

"Be the bridge, be the water..."

With Second shift mover and my new neighbor: Kirsten Jamsen!

We are packed in, but all is good!

Again, where would I be without my CSP crew?

The blessed new owners of Juno!

I have a feeling this payoff will come in many forms...