Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Wedding Celebration in Review: Melissa and Francois Kiemde

Queen Mab Friends, Family, Readers -- Far and Wide:

Perhaps you were able to be with us physically on our wedding day; perhaps you joined us in prayer from afar; either way, we hope you enjoy these images documenting what was an amazing experience for us. Gratitude goes out to each and everyone of you who helped us bring forward this blessed day -- one celebrating love, commitment, community. We recognize how truly fortunate we are to join in this blessed sacrament of marriage. We wish that each and every person called to loving commitment would have such an opportunity. What an honor it is; what a joy, now, to share these pictures with all of you.

Blessings to all this day! Here's to celebrating many seasons of Love!

Melissa and Francois

Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding Prep Site

Hello Dress!

Hair and Make-Up Artist Extraordinaire: Rhonda Jackson!

Blessed shoes

Across town at St. Jane House, the Groom and his bridal party prepare themselves...

Beloved "Gabby Love, Love!"

I love this man's laugh and smile!

Daddy and his little girl

Beautiful Frederic and Handsome Francois

Bouquet (and all flowers) arranged by Antoinette Bennaars-Mawanda; Engagement Ring handed down by the Liewer/Arduser Great Grandparents; Gold bands: Kay Jewelers

Seeing each other for the first time

Ms. Sassy and Ms. Sassy: all dressed up!

The Kiemde Clan

Kisses for dad!

The Borgmann Clan and newest members...

To the Walker Sculpture Garden!

We know the beauty and abundance of the "Cherry in the Spoon.."

Wedding Party, from Left to Right, Back Row:
Aaron Borgmann, Usher; Francois Zongo, Groomsman; Ben Borgmann, Usher;
Middle Row: Marianna Toth, Bridesmaid; Stephanie Johnson, Matron of Honor; Melissa Borgmann, Bride; Francois Kiemde, Groom; Frederic Nassa, Best Man; Joy Chaney, Bridesmaid;
Front Row: Gabby Kiemde, Groom's Girl

Our Wedding Party ROCKS!

So does our photographer, and her eye: Alisa Foreman, Shadow Lake Portraits

More poses in front of Frank Gehry's "Standing Glass Fish"

Loving the Art!

Artwork: "Five Plates, Two Poles" --
and a Bride, Groom and Bouquet?

Back at the church, we add bridesman, David Mann,
and Usher, Matt Peiken to our Wedding Party Photos

The Music!
Thank you to the St. Olaf International Choir, along with other Church of St. Philip singers and musicians, who all nicely round out our wedding ensemble

Nadege Ouevi sings a prelude tune in French

Let the wedding-aisle-walking commence!

Thank you Mom and Dad for getting me this far...

Our trifecta of priests: Fr. Dave Liewer, Fr. Dale Korogi, Fr. Jules Omba Omalanga

Sr. Rafael Tilton, OSF, proclaiming the Word...

Before a beautifully peopled prayer space...

Ann Shallbetter and Julie Strahan lead the congregation in music

Jeffrey Bissoy reads from Corinthians

Collaboration, singing, "The Lord is My Light!"

Our unity candle ritual becomes a COMM-UNITY ritual

Love this Light!

Francois and Melissa light their candle from the community flames

Fr. Dale Korogi delivers a beautiful homily (always!)

Sr. Jill Underdahl, CSJ, is the first to read her prayers of the faithful,
written for this occassion, alongside Zac Willette.

Can you tell we love their words?

More beautiful musicians!

I love this man so much!

Breaking the bread (Thanks to Lee George who baked our eucharist)

The community blessing

Procession out! Gabby Leads the way....

Our wedding cake, courtesy of Carolyn Sawyer and Mark Wenzel

What a feast! Thank you to all of our blessed guests who made this banquet possible, bringing food to share with the entire community. And Merci to Mark, Olga and the nuns, for laying it all out so magnificently...

Pot Lucks are really amazing, you know?

Center pieces and decor, courtesy of Olga Nichols and Brian Mogren: Team Ambiance!

What's a table without roses, candles and champagne? Ha!

And the Open Mic commences with Bridesman, Emcee Extraordinaire, David Mann

Zac Willette, our master of ceremonies from the Rehearsal Dinner, returns to toast us after his beautiful words on hunger, love and abundance, the night before.

Julie Landsman warms us with her words

Brendan Teehan sings, "Sweet Melissa"

Friend Jody Tigges with her toast

Berato Wilson, Former North High Writing as Performance Student and Teens Rock the Mic poet graces the stage and silences the guest with his original poem

Delaney Melissa Teehan, God-daughter and toastmaster extraordinaire!

Another sung toast: Beautiful Brent Floren

Our dear friend Colette DeHarpporte with a reflection on love by Jesuit, Pedro Arrupe

Kathryn Kaatz with wise words for us all

Our best man, Frederic Nassa, honors his longtime friend, Francois Kiemde

Groomsan, Francois "Jr" Zongo, toasts baker/ mentor/ friend/Groom, Francois "Sr." Kiemde

And the matron of honor toasts her sister Melissa

Nephews Noah and Trent Borgmann round out the musical toasts right before....

Parents of the Bride, Beth and Steve Borgmann, sing their toast
to love and one another:
"You are My Sunshine!"
(such fine harmonizing by these two!)

Can you hear Francois laughing?

How about Melissa giggling?

Our toasters are so entertaining; we are so fortunate!

It's unanimous: We love the Open Mic Tributes to Love!

Bring on the Band!

The good, bad, funky: Hookers and Blow!

People of all ages will rock out

Guests from Francois' family in Madison: Sister Agnes Kiemde,
and former countryman, Saidou Kabore, with his wife Veronica

Hello musicians...

Yes! We love the music!

More boogying! Kathryn and Larry get down!

Two crazy cats find one another to dance it out...

Happy, dancing family of Liewers

Wedding Reception hosts: John and Mary Michaels

Much love and gratitude for our journey ahead....
Merci Beaucoup!