Monday, June 18, 2007

Reporting Assignments


There is SO MUCH to WRITE ABOUT! I'm a bit overwhelmed with my own mental log of assignments. This must happen to all of us on a certain level, right? Simply trying to B-A-L-A-N-C-E our bodies and spirits and hectic beings?

So to simply keep myself aligned, and accountable with all that has been speaking to me, and asking to get put down on paper (or, in this case: on the screen) I'm creating a virtual assignment list:

1. A financial reporting on Aunt Mo's visit - something in the topic arena of "The Price of Relationship-Building and Ambassador-work"?!
2. The metaphor of the phoenix -- Death and birth in Melissa Borgmann's midst: Joey Schulte's Funeral, Teens Rock the Mic's done-ness, and the baptism and career births I've been witness to in the past week...
3. Thin space experiences: Trees and dead people talking to me?!
4. More pine-cone meditations and notes from a recent walk along Edgecumbe.
5. Something on love-making...and a recent excerpt of Liz Gilbert's "Eat, Pray, Love."

Okay. Just needed to create that as a list of topics. Stay tuned!


Love is the religion. The universe is the book.

From Coleman Barks in "The Illuminated Rumi."

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Aunt Mo in Action: Photo Report from a month in Minnesota and Beyond


What follows are images from this past month of hosting the beloved Maureen "Auntie Mo" Dabula of East London, South Africa. I've written, emailed, blogged ad naseum. Let's have the photos speak for themselves, eh? (Well, with a couple captions as guiding narration...?!)

Love and blessings,

On retreat at Brian Mogren's :
Giggling with former student "Foogie" (or as Mo liked to refer to him: 'Goofy')

And yet another "retreat space": the CSJ sisters' Mary and Patrice's place in North Minneapolis

Mo checking out their gardens...

Mass early church style: in the living room / sacred space of the Visitation Monastery, Fremont Avenue. (You can see the original "Windsock Visititation" depicting Mary and Elizabeth by Brother Mickey (actually seated below the painting here, next to Sr. Katherine.)

A divine appointment: Maureen and Michelle Perkins meeting to discuss HIV/ AIDS work in Sub-Saharan Africa. (Thanks for intro Sr. Katherine!)
The beautiful and beaming spirit of Michelle....

Another meal: Linda Willette welcomes us to Lasagna at the Stone Arch Lofts in Downtown Minneapolis

On tour with Jan Willette, overlooking the Stone Arch Bridge and Lock and Dams along the Mississippi

A couple doors down, Linda accompanies Mo to the infamous Guthrie Theater..

Linda and Mo from the Guthrie Bridge

Getting into Boston!

2222 Massachusett's Avenue: Our posh quarters in Cambridge - courtesy of Zac Willette!

A warm reception in Boston by our beloved Lisa McDonagh

Gloucester Mariners: Melissa and Mo

On tour up the coast: Melissa looking out at the Atlantic
Margaret Post Party Conversation: A View from Above
Clinking in prayer and toasts

A Margaret Post Meal fit for Kings and Queens....ABUNDANCE and BEAUTY is at work here with the Holy Spirit. The table of diners includes aspiring theologians, social policy folks specializing in immigration, and blessed and spirited educators, all citizens of the larger globe.

Two beloved Connectors, hosts with Large spirits and Love:
Margaret Post and Zac Willette

Monday in Cambridge: Meeting up with the beautiful Amy Baione,
(friend and researcher at Harvard Project Zero.)

And we are treated to another meal of fine organic style in the Charles Hotel's by Ms. Amy.

Going to the University of Minnesota: Entering Nicholson Hall

The Writing Project that brought us together!

A warm reception by MWP Co-Director, Kirsten Jamsen

Sharing from her work in the Eastern Cape, Mo presents on literacy and HIV/AIDS Outreach and Activisim projects through her church.

More on Mo's work within the church - and the intersection with Writing Project philosophy.

What's a trip to Minnesota without meeting Melissa's infamous fire-fighting friend, Marianna?
(who loved to refer to Mo as "the South American Nun.")

Post-gardening, pre-mass and preaching...

Meeting St. Philip's beloved Pastoral Associate, Cindy Boggs

Saturday's entrance with Fr. Pat Griffin
From the pulpit: Aunt Mo breaks open scripture with her South African spirit and spunk!

Post - Saturday Mass: Attending "Peace Across the Northside"

Meeting up with the Beloved City Councilman, Don Samuels.

Our dear Sisters' Patrice and Mary greeting Mo in the street.

Holding hands from Broadway to Lowry: North Minneapolis standing for PEACE!

The kind of bumper stickers we see along this route.

Melissa and Jimmie at Peace Across the North side:
(photo courtesy of Michael Benham)

A second preaching opportunity:
Fr. Pat and Mo process in on Sunday at St. Philip's.
Blessing by Fr. Pat

Trevon shows Mo the drawing he sketched of her during mass. (Jimmie's brother, Trevon)
Mo having lunch and laughs with Choir Members: Betty Lou, Judy and Karen

A quick shot, post-barbecue at the Benham's

Onto Nebraska and the Cabin! Note the state's motto:
The GOOD LIFE! eh?

So perhaps "cabin" isn't quite the word for this place?

Beth's ACTUAL 60th Birthday: Mo and Melissa prepare a meal for her mother and uncle, Fr. Dave, and Dad, Steve.

Some after-meal conversation...

The sunset from the cabin deck...Overlooking Lewis and Clark Reservoir.

Visiting Melissa's childhood city: Norfolk, Nebraska

Retreating to the deck to read, before Beth's Birthday Party Shenanigans..

In the Club house:
Dad, Uncle Joe, Mom, Mo, Grandpa Liewer

El Dorado party room picture....

After party in the hot tub: Auntie Mo and Mom!

Mo says, "Goodbye!"