Friday, June 01, 2007

Fridays in June: Prayer, Fasting, Quiet time

Melissa and Mo at the Ship and fishing docks in Gloucester, Massachusetts

Greetings Beloved Friends and Ministers of Hospitality to Aunt Mo!

I'd like to invite any of you who are able to join me and Auntie Mo in prayer during Fridays in June.

Even though Ms. Dabs has returned to her home in South Africa, we are still in communication and interested in continuing our prayer and quiet time, listening to God within and all around.

The following are today's scriptures, (sent by Mo last night):

Joel 1 v 14, 2 Chronicles 20 v3, Acts 14 v23, Acts 13 v2-3, Matthew 6 V16-18 and Jonah 12 v 16.

There are special intentions that Mo has asked for me to hold during this time. I'm not exactly clear on how to express these to your beautiful selves, so I'll just trust putting these as general intentions. (Go ahead and add your own!)

Leadership in the church
Economic stability

In St. Paul, MN,
on behalf of Auntie Mo,
East London, South Africa

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