Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"The One Who Left to Get Married..."

Hey Loves!

I figured reading this poem with some of my beautiful former students in mind, might be a loving way for me to hear your prayers, good wishes for me in this next part of my own life....
(I mean, how long has Ms. Borgmann been saying she's leaving to get married?!)

Sending you all kisses on your cheeks!

Ms. B

P.S. I suppose a non-selfish or non-self-centered way of reading this, might be to invite your beautiful spirits to recall a former teacher, (elementary school) and think fondly on the details of an "instructional" moment....LOVE!

Poem: "Miss Shelley, Miss Hattersley, Miss Guilford . . ." by Rosie King, from Sweetwater, Saltwater. © Hummingbird Press, 2007. Reprinted with permission. (buy now)

Miss Shelley, Miss Hattersley, Miss Guilford . . .

When I can't remember the name of my third grade teacher,
the only one through ninth grade
that won't spring to mind, I sit
wondering at the mystery of her.
Like a fan blowing cool air in summer, her face
bends down to me, strands of her hair—
it must have been long—or the rayony
swish of her skirt lightly brushing my arm
as my pen writes the letters very precisely, rounding them
in the new cursive, her voice a glissando
tinseled with laughter, her eyes crinkling—
the one who left to get married!—
up there behind her glasses,
the glow of her.

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