Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Babies:" A bit of Inspiration for Kiddo Kiemde!?

Week 39. Day Four of contractions, intensifying from cramps on Monday to squeezing on Tuesday to bowl-me-over "Here we go!" pangs on Wednesday, to today's on-again-off-again rollercoaster "Let's do this!" lower abdomen ouchies! I distract myself sitting on my blue ball, working on blog posts for the Visitation Sisters, and imagining a delicious Davanni's pizza is about to arrive any moment and assuage my cravings. (If a pizza can magically be delivered, might a baby come on out and enjoy the party? Please!)

Something else to distract and entertain for the time being: A clip from this documentary about BABIES! Watch. Laugh. Giggle. Sigh. Weep. Imagine my child will soon join this beautiful ensemble of babies!

Melissa Borgmann-Kiemde

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blessingway Poem by Becca Barniskis

On Sunday, May 16th, sixteen women and one small boy gathered in my St. Paul living room to extend blessings over me and this child that I am about to birth. Lead by doula Alisa Blackwood, these women shared prayers, good thoughts, and poems aloud. The following is one poetic piece that arrived via email that afternoon. I share it now as a source of inspiration for not only me, but all expectant moms. I am grateful to the author, Becca Barniskis. Love!

Dear Melissa:

It is spring and your baby is coming.

As holy as God.

But more accessible than he.

Smoother, cuter, able to fit into your arms.

I wish for you a mind of prayer

when your baby decides he is ready.

I wish for you deep strength

and patience for yourself and your body.

I wish for you courage

to not doubt what your body is capable of doing.

And when Baby arrives

may you be awake and enlarged

by the experience.

May your love give you the energy

to figure out who Baby is

and what he needs.

May the journey be joy-filled.

You are a mother.

You are made to mother.

You will mother this child in the best way.




Becca Barniskis lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where she works as a poet, teaching artist and free-lance writer and consultant in arts education. She edits the Resource Roundup section of the Teaching Artist Journal and is a founding member of Artist to Artist.

She is the mother of Earl and Lulu. And someone I claim as dear friend.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Making Way for Baby K!

As we head into week 39 of this journey, Francois and I are enthusiastic to share more images from this period of preparing for Kiddo Kiemde. The following provide a window into our world making way for our son or daughter, revealing some of our cleaning, organizing, nesting instincts, as well as the amazing support of friends and family. (Oh! If we only had pictures of all of you who have been helping us along this path!) Do you know how excited we are to meet this child? Do you know how thrilled we are for you to share our joy? We recognize none of this would be possible without faith, family, our larger community and circles of support.

Melissa, Francois, Baby Kiemde

Perhaps many new parent's friend? Target Store, USA!

Home with a baby crib to assemble!

My guy and directions!

Be Still My Heart! I love watching Francois in action!

The Living Room Corner BEFORE:
(On the heels of our documented "Spring Cleaning" work, we have some more re-arranging to do in order to make way for the baby and crib.)

From the office to the Living Room: The bookshelves find a new home!

Baby K's Crib! Yes, where those bookshelves once stood, is now our child's sleeping spot!

In case you are desiring a glimpse of me.
(Here at 35 weeks, just days before Kiddo K sinks into my sciatic nerve, and keeps me from walking properly upright. LOVE!)

What would Baby Prep be without a Baby Shower? Friends Jody and Ann arrange for many church friends to convene at St. Jane House. Here is some of the decor!

Friends from St. Philips, Kathryn, Mom Toni, Baby Geert and Leslie!

How to graciously receive so many gifts? This is my challenge!

Ann Shallbetter returns from St. Jane House to
Golf View Home to help organize the many gifts...

So much stuff for this lucky boy or girl!

A first official "toy box!"

Organizing clothes by months, sizes. Here, a container of new and gently used baby items from Friends and family, many courtesy of Gina Woods Mann.
Merci! Merci! Merci!

Meet our doulas: Colette DeHarpporte and Alisa Blackwood!
Oh, the support!

My "Rejoice" stone, received at the closing Discernment Workshop Ritual with the Vis Sisters: How could I not connect this with our child's upcoming arrival!?

Turning back to the Office/ Bedroom/Baby Room transformation:
Clearing wall space for Baby shelves.
(Do you see the original screen prints that must come off the wall? *sniff*sigh*smile*)

More help from Ms. Ann in making this transformation happen!

Channeling her Martha Stewart!

Watch out for a woman with power tools!

Can I get a "Woot Woot!"?
(Francois will be so proud of us!)

Shelves and desk spaces re-assigned. Printer to shelf, changing table to desk top.
Does it work? We shall see!

Part of the Baby K Libary: Books representing many cultures and traditions. It's never too early to start considering our child's literacy!

Precious toys!

Entering the multi-faceted space...

Office, Changing table, Baby Monitor...

There's that sweet crib again!

Can you see him or her resting their beautiful head?

Little details...

Mint chocolate bunny -- to represent the sweet and gentle spirit of this new life...

From the crib to Gabby's bed, over the desk, and just beyond those windows:
The Missisippi River.