Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Babies:" A bit of Inspiration for Kiddo Kiemde!?

Week 39. Day Four of contractions, intensifying from cramps on Monday to squeezing on Tuesday to bowl-me-over "Here we go!" pangs on Wednesday, to today's on-again-off-again rollercoaster "Let's do this!" lower abdomen ouchies! I distract myself sitting on my blue ball, working on blog posts for the Visitation Sisters, and imagining a delicious Davanni's pizza is about to arrive any moment and assuage my cravings. (If a pizza can magically be delivered, might a baby come on out and enjoy the party? Please!)

Something else to distract and entertain for the time being: A clip from this documentary about BABIES! Watch. Laugh. Giggle. Sigh. Weep. Imagine my child will soon join this beautiful ensemble of babies!

Melissa Borgmann-Kiemde

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