Monday, June 07, 2010

Marguerite Marie Kiemde's Welcome to the World

Friends, Loved Ones:
On Saturday, May 22, 2010, at 2:05pm, Francois, Gabby and I welcomed Marguerite Marie Kiemde to our family. The following are photos from her first few weeks with us. We share these with incredible joy for her arrival and presence among our burgeoning clan. Our hearts burst daily with love for this little one. We feel so lucky to welcome her, and to have such a community of faith and support to likewise embrace us all. Merci! Merci beaucoup!
Enjoy the photos! Post a comment! Stay tuned for more!
In love and creation contemplation,
Melissa Borgmann-Kiemde

She's here!
Introducing Maggie to her Grandma Borgmann, who shares the same blessed birthday:
May 22nd!
Meeting Grandpa and Grandma Borgmann
Marguerite would not be here without the support of Doula Colette DeHarpporte


With Auntie Jody Tigges

Olga Nichols arriving to feed us and swoon over Baby K

Cousins Izzy and Sylvia make Mag's acquaintance

Doll introductions are in order!

The Borgmann-Johnson-Kiemde's convene over Memorial Day weekend

Auntie Toni comes for a squeeze

Introducing Geert to Marguerite. "Touch nicely." lol

Melissa and Marguerite...Who looks sleepy? :-)

Sr. Jill Underdahl makes our girl's acquaintance

Auntie Ann in the house!

Sister Joy on food detail for Mom and Dad. We love the dishes!


A favorite position for these two loves in my life!

What I see when I look down...

Patio Club Pal, Cynthia stops by...

bringing her daugher Iris, born just six weeks before Maggie...
They are sure to be pals! :-)

Our first family outing to church: The Visitation Sister's 400th Anniversary Mass
(Photo courtesy of Brian Mogren)

Introducing Marguerite Marie to Vis Sister (and Melissa's longtime spiritual director):
Sr. Mary Margaret!


Jody said...

So many auntie's so little time! i especially love the pictures with the cousins and with Iris.

The Borgmann-Kiemde clan is well loved and supported by so many people.

Thank you for letting me be part of Maggie's village

Alisa said...

Welcome to the world, baby Maggie! Endless love and congratulations to you, Melissa + Francois! (Loved seeing your blessingway necklace on in the hospital, too!)

IBé said...

A beautiful addition to a beutiful family. CONGRATULATIONS to all!!!!!