Monday, March 15, 2010

Making Way for Baby K....

It's time to clean! Spring is here, (or pretending to be with today's glorious sunshine) and I have some serious fever for clearing space! Tidying! Making way! Organizing! (Perhaps you recall my past Queen Mab documentation of transforming spaces when I was readying 1188 Juno for the market?) In the spirit of simplifying and capturing my own cleaning process, I give you this blog entry.

Today's Challenge: Prepare our two bedroom apartment for a new child, as well as his or her nine year old older sister to join us for the summer -- all the while maintaining some kind of office/ writing space for moi.

Today's task: Preparing the second bedroom to be not only an office and Gabby's bedroom when she visits, but also a baby room. How to accomplish this? By simply beginning to sort out all the paper work, bills, old files, writing samples, and bags of wedding cards/ programs/ info and clean, dust, remove, recycle, and reassemble.

What follows are snapshots from today's first step in making way for Baby K.
Enjoy! Stay tuned!

Melissa Borgmann Kiemde

Start of Day, entering the 2nd Bedroom/ office...

Evidence of a room that needs to be cleaned! The bed and desk need to be tended to...

What do you see that needs to get addressed on that desk?
Note overwhelming files on top and baskets desiring attention below...

See the files boxes, gift bags, old computer? Can you imagine Baby Kiemde's crib
in the right corner? This is what Francois and I are
thinking and dreaming....
But first: we must clean the shelves!

Maybe you want to note the striped basket as a target object for my sorting and transforming process. Key: get that basket emptied, to receive our incoming mail!

The "Wedding Corner" which includes cards, invites, programs, thank you's, and all sorts of "Wedding Prep" paraphernalia trying to hide beyond the foot of the bed...

To clean it all out, we must first SEE it.
The process of pulling out the baskets and files for sorting...

Mid-way through the process: Paper Recycling is in full effect, along with lots of stacking related documents for next step filing!

Evidence of Work! Two bags of recycling, one stack of sorted folders, documenting teaching/ collaboration work, and those wedding items consolidated for storage!

Aha! Now look at that guest bed and desk top!

Project Corner Clean Sweep: Accomplished!

Yes, a sweetly organized desk. (Perhaps you note less paper and office items in those baskets?)

Computer monitor removed, striped basket cleaned, and a new system for filing cards/ pictures put into place! Amen.

Yes! Red filing box is gone. Next steps: Open that door, and organize in there;
Move the book shelf out to make room for the crib.


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Annette said...

Mel - From these photos, I see such beautiful light in your home. Your new son/daughter, and step daughter, will all bond very well in this wonderful space.

You are one lucky GIRL!