Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Juno" the Film vs. "Juno" the House!


You may think I jest! But I invite you to consider the juxtaposition of the recently Academy-Award nominated film, "Juno" with the recently- discerned- to-be-placed-on-the-market, "1188 Juno"!

Both have Minnesota origins.
Both feature pregnant-with-life-central figures.
Both are searching for parents of their precious creations.
Both capture and reveal a transformational experience at hand.
Both have the power of earning major attention, capturing the hearts and minds of viewers.

I'm just saying, you might consider the two and have good thoughts for their success!?!

I've got much more to say on this topic of "'Juno,' the film," and "Juno, the house," (I've not even gone to "Juno, the Collective," or their namesake, "Juno, the Roman Goddess"!) but that will come later.

For now, enjoy photos documenting the simplification and transformation of 1188 Juno. Your good thoughts for her new owners are most appreciated!


Simplification starts here! (Thanks to Brian Mogren for the inspiring Confernce CD's of Fr. Richard Rohr, Tiki Kustenmacher, and Sr. Paula Gonzalez: "The Great Chain of Being: Simplifying our Lives")

Closet before...

Armoire before...

Prayers throughout the process! Buddha, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Mother Theresa:
they are all here!

Unpacking and piling it all...

Aha! Cleared space!

How much stuff do we all really have? Do we really need?
Armoire After!

Closet After!

The first of many loads...

What it is all about!

The Supporting Cast for all this necessary work begins with
Mr. David Mann. Friend, Coach, Cheer-Leader, House-Selling Genius Extraordinaire!

Ms. Gina Woods and Little Henry Mann, family experts in staging and paint color!

Another family of pros: Julie, Dre and Carly Rodriguez -
showing up and providing their own tips on improvement.

Leading Support Chica: Jody Tigges, here sorting books.
To date, this woman has logged more than 40 hours helping me out!

Gen X Blogger, Teacher, Administrator, FRIEND Divine,: Ms. Emily Lilja
(wearing green - the color of TRANSFORMATION!)

Teacher Friend, Former Collaborator, Prayer Warrior and Painter Chica:
Ms. Joy Hanson!

My professional handyman: John Hart.
(who has a lovely heart!)
(Referred by Arlo Dissette, my realtor, thank you very much. Arlo isn't pictured here yet!)

Upstairs bedroom before: Can you picture the wall green?

Steps: before...
Gross, dirty water sucked from carpet...
Steps After!

Removing the tape...

Sweet looking room, don't you think?

A closer look....

Kitchen before: including beige, cracked wall paint...

and cupboards in need of new hardware and a fresh coat of enamel...
Prep work: Putting everything in the center of the room...

My favorite repair item: Mr. Durham's Rock Hard "Water Putty" -
Question: Can it repair broken hearts? :-)

All necessary steps: filling in the cracks, sanding...

Finding joy in the process! Painting as prayer!

Viola! White Walls and tidied top of refrigerator!

Floors before...

Warming the cold tiles....1188 Juno is a construction site, right?

John Hart installing the new flooring...

Aha! New hardware, flooring, touched up cabinets!

Yes, I puttied the old holes in the cabinetry, painted these babies, drilled new openings, and installed each knob and handle myself!
(How to create sweet openings...?)

With items back in their place....



Katie said...

holiest of shit! the place looks great. i wish i could drop by to see it in person. when are you putting it on the market? i'm trying to get to the twin cities march 21st weekend and would love if you could just hold off on selling until then...

very proud of all your work sister and friends of course. was that julie's baby in downstairs picture? precious.

lots of love and luck. i love juno, the movie and my sister's house!

Wilhelmina said...

Gorgeous! Someone will fall in love.