Saturday, February 02, 2008

Obama, Baby!

Hey Peeps!

What a crazy ride today! My Aunt Trish and I had a RIOT attending the rally at the Target Center for Obama. Goodness! We waited in line over 2 hours to get in, walking over a mile to cue up around the building with 20,000 folks also there to support this inspiring fellow.....Dang! It was all wildly worth it, as the LINE was an amazing testimony to democracy in and of itself.

Gathered in our immediate proximity, included:

-Molly and Maggie: 20 year old Twin Sisters from Sioux Falls, SD, who
attend the U of M. (Youngest of 5 in a Catholic Family, Molly is
undeclared at U, thinking English Education.... Maggie is in Urban
Studies, and looking at studying in Cape Town, South Africa, given
her connections and peaked interest through Harry Boyd at the

-Kat and Dan: Caucus Leaders from South Minneapolis. Kat is getting
her MSW from St. Kates and gave great instructions and history on
the whole delegate process.

-Ropan - from Nepal, an engineering student in St. Cloud, who, though he wasn't a citizen, wanted to come support Obama and hear him speak.

It blew me away observing the 20,000 gathered and it was a total joy
visiting with this small ensemble, in the midst of the crowds. We
were simply a cross section of supporters. A random sampling, you
might say. (For those of you who don't know my aunt Trish, partnered
with my mom's oldest brother, Dan -- is a long time activist from
California who has fought for Civil Rights and Social Justice issues.
She rocks.) Once we got inside the Target Arena, it was Trish who pointed to the Television monitors, beaming, 'Look!" On the screens were a gorgeous array of women, almost all with Brown Skin holding signs: "Women Over 60 for Obama." Again: gorgeous testimony to the demographics gathered and inspired by Barack!

After Thursday's encounter at Bar Abilene with the "Women for Obama"
crew that gathered to watch the debates, I'd say this day was a
glorious follow up toward Tuesday's Primaries; all in the name of
"Voting Prep Work!"

Here, here!

Enjoy the pix of the people. All the people.....Hmmm....yes!

All the best in your own lines, or cues, or process of discerning and
casting your votes on Tuesday!

Peace, Blessings,

The Adventure Begins!
Aunt Trish and I arrive outside the Target Center

And start walking around the building....

And walking....

"Where's the end of this line?" A pause to stop and look back at the Target Center....

The line into North Minneapolis...
(A mile from the Target Center or so, and 16,000 of the 20,000 people ahead of us...

Aunt Trish and I
Photo taken by one of our new friends, Molly and Maggie, the Twins

There is MOVEMENT!!! We know it in our limbs and progress forward!


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