Monday, February 11, 2008

Obama and the Borgmanns: Another Juxtaposition around Making Change In a Place

As our country makes its way through the primaries and caucuses - towards the election of a new president - the desire and energy around CHANGE is palpable. So, too, is it at 1188 Juno, my friends! Last weekend with Obama, Romney and Clinton's descent upon the Twin Cities, came, too the Borgmann /Liewer camps! And we were all blessed!

As I write and mull over what it means to create shifts in living and bring about transformation in space, spirit, psyche, (and our country!) I'm keenly aware of the joy that accompanies this process, especially when family arrives and helps make it all happen. It's not easy, but wow is it powerful and rooted in love and a mutual faith. Though we all don't share the same political affiliation, we share a blood and bond that takes us far in making things happen. Good God, and we love to laugh! That can carry anyone through mess and tumult! Amen!

Blessings! Rich, Divine, Amazing blessings!
Enjoy the photo report below!

Friday Night Arrival at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater to see dear David Mann in the
"Wonder Bread Years"
Pictured from left to right are: Uncle Dan Liewer, Friend Brian Mogren, my mom, Beth Liewer Borgmann, Me, Aunt Trish White, and my dad, Steve Borgmann

Not since my dad's construction days in Bullhead City, Arizona, has he slept on an air mattress on the floor. My parents might be saints!?!

Saturday morning and Steve is at it!

The Prayer Shrine! Jesus, Buddha, Mary, Mother Theresa are all here -- and my Godmother Cheri Honeycutt, and her husband John, for good measure!

This is the most somber expression you'll ever see on my pop's face.
(Could it be from sleeping on the air mattress on the basement floor? Or contemplating the electrical wiring and track lighting installation ahead?)

Here we go....

Voila! Let there be light!

There's a smiley Steve with his first load of garbage...Now: to the basement!

Bathroom before caulk...

More action from pops...

Not only caulking, but applying a coat (or three!) to the cabinets...

Isn't white caulking a wonder?

How sweet does this look? Newly painted...(Just wait for the new floor pix!)

Ack! Cupboards before...

Expired Food and Garbage...

Cupboard AFTER!

How many shot glasses does a girl need?
(Collection Courtesy of my Nebraska/ Colorado/ Mexico party days?!)

Thanks Aunt Trish!

Let there be organization and efficiency!

Mom goes to work on the CD tower...
An impossible task I'd not take on!

Dan shakes the shades....

To the dumpster!

She swears my collection of music is worth millions...

The Stereo and Windows after! Thanks Mom and Dan!

Steve taking us for snacks...

A Trip to St. Paul is not complete without a stop at the infamous Nook!

Skip ahead to Sunday, after mass, and a family excursion to the Walker Art Center
(Serving up the art, eh?)

Through the Conservatory...

To Uncle Dan's Favorite: Frank Gehry's "Standing Glass Fish"

Parting gifts of food before they go: Jambalaya and bagels, baby!
(Thanks, Mom!)

Dad and Dan carry a couple more loads to my car.
(Believe it or not: I did do more than just take pictures.)

Good Will Offerings: Some bread baker is going to be happy!
Oh! And all my dishes since college are given away here...

Monday morning:
A last photo before the road trip back to Nebraska!


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