Monday, September 01, 2008

On "Slick Billy": Notes from Brother Ben, Aunt Marian, Uncle Leon and Sister Melissa on President Clinton

The following are from a Borgmann Familly Blog thread during the Democratic National Convention speeches. My brother Ben is responding to a moment from Tuesday evening's speeches when the TV captured Bill Clinton mouthing the words, "I love you" to his wife Hillary, as she was rising to stand at the podium. The responses from Marian, myself and Leon were offered sporadically through Friday, after John McCain announced his running mate, Sarah Palin. Anger, Sarcasm, Empathy, Humor are all rampant here. --Melissa

From Brother Ben:

Did anyone else puke when Slick Billy was on last night watching
Hillary? He was like mouthing words to her for the tv cameras? He
just makes me ill. I mean if it was Monica, that would be one thing.

Just had to get that nausea out of my system.

Hi all you Slick Billy fans!!!


From Aunt Marian:

Just for the record … that made me sick too. I'm surprised you
watched the program Ben … but, I plan to watch John McCain and see
what he has to say … don't know if I can stomach anyone else. Is
Rush speaking? How about Rove?

Who's your favorite for the VP slot? m

Melissa's Response:

"Slick Billy...Slick Billy....the guy that makes me puke..." Really,
Ben: you should write a song! (Smiles)

I'm sorry he made you sick. I'm sorry he made Marian sick. I'm sorry
he made me sick.
I get the notion of what it is to get nauseous from people's actions.
Leader's actions. Human's actions.

Dang contradictions! Dang public personas and humanity! Dang
political machinery!

"People the world over have always been more impressed by the power of our example than by the example of our power."
- Bill Clinton, in his speech at the DNC, 8.27.08

This line of President Clinton's speech is something to weigh, then,
given the fullness of his actions, the current administrations' -- as
well as yours as a dad and husband, mine, our family's, our country's...

What is our collective example? What is its power? How is this
different from an example of power? (Of might?)
(How does this compare with Christ's example of power or powerful

Have you watched other parts of the convention? Did you hear Michelle speak? Or her brother? Or Joe Biden?

Love ya,

Uncle Leon:

Bill Clinton did have a zipper problem, but he was a great president. And he is still married to his first wife.

Obama gave a speech, and Phelps swam a race. Ho hum.

Just wait until McSame gets elected and has to be removed from office for senility and the mayor of Wasilla takes over. As a lifetime member of the NRA, she would work to legalize the private ownership of all kinds of assault weapons. Did you see the picture of her firing an AK-47?

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