Monday, September 01, 2008

Brother-in-Law, Chris Johnson: Self-identified Conservative Republican

An excerpt from the Borgmann Family Blog, from one courageous and articulate self-identified Republican in our bunch: my brother in law, Chris Johnson. This is the first in a series of his thoughts I'm making public here to offer blog readers a sense of this man's concerns, as well as how our family responds and dialogues. Chris reads a lot. He asks lots of questions. We totally butt heads, but I totally love him. This is before Obama's speech on Thursday night of the Democratic National Convention. --Melissa

From Chris:

Okay, I want to be very sensitive about this, because I know most of the readers on here are at least ardent democrats, and many are Obama lovers!! But I can't help but observe that this whole convention is nothing more than one big emotional pep rally. I have yet to hear ONE significant reason why Barrack Obama is THE man to lead our nation for the next four years. Because he's a good man? A good husband? A good father? Because his wife is a good woman? (although the fact that Theresa Heinz Kerry was a REALLY REALLY BAD WOMAN was part of the reason I didn't vote for her husband, so that's a wash...) I think most cognisant Americans agree that our country needs change at this point. I get the feeling the democratic party, and their supporters, would rather re-write the constitution that guided this country over the past 200+ years. I personally don't think the machine is broken, it just needs to be tweaked. This is still the best place in the world to live. It should be noted that monumentally good presidents don't make this nation a better place all by themselves, but monumentally bad presidents apparently do. And I guess that's the way it goes, so there's no need to point the finger at the democratic controlled congress for any of our current woes.

Both parties have a lot of changing to do. I DO think that McCain will bring about a great deal of change, but of a more moderate nature than Obama. Speaking of change, Obama's had a fair amount of his own since this has gone from a primary election to a general election.

I hope Obama's speech tonight sheds some light on HOW he intends to change things. Not sure I've heard that yet.


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