Sunday, September 21, 2008

Collide-a-Scope Performance Festival: Occupying the Ontological Space of the "Other"?!?

"What does it mean to occupy the ontological space of the 'Other''? Seriously. This is one of the questions that I have been holding during this weekend of collaborative book writing with professors Gerald Campano and Richard Beach.

I arrive home from this kind of intellectual activity, to view the following video produced by my friend Matt Peiken, arts journalist and producer of this series, the "Three Minute Egg." It features Rodney "October" Dixon - former North High "Writing as Performance" student and "Teens Rock the Mic" poet, as well as Kenna Cottman Sarge - dancer, collaborator and North High graduate.

In my mind, this "Collide-a-Scope" Performance Festival invites us deeply into this experience of inhabiting the ontological space of the "other." This makes me happy. But, I don't know...What do you think?

Enjoy! If you are in town, check out the festival!

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