Monday, September 01, 2008

Beth Borgmann as Vice President!

Another entry from the Borgmann Family Blog. On the heels of McCain's announcement of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice-Presidential running mate, questions were flying about her identity and the details around her as a working mom . My aunt Marian, a devoted Hillary supporter, responded "If she’s anything like you Beth, I have no problem with her potentially managing this country!"

The following entry was inspired by this kind of endorsement and my own contemplation:
"What if my mom ran as Vice President? Not as a Republican, but as a Democratic candidate? What would our country look like?"

I want to See Beth Borgmann and Barack Obama on a ticket! That would make my day! My century!

What do you do on education, mom?
What about our military?
Just think, if we employed a Beth Borgmann (backed by a fiery, but in the background Steve Borgmann) what would government look like?

There would be no abortion, because every single woman facing poverty or the inability to raise a child in the best way, would have a whole host of support, that Beth Borgmann would inspire through church and bridge clubs and Tom Osborn networks.

Adoptions would be a lot easier.

My mom would write tax laws so that the wealthiest people who give to charitable organizations supporting children and life-long mentorship, would be happy with their take home salary; they would be advocates for this kind of fiscal responsibility in giving. There would be enough for everyone, and this would be made quite visible through the most transparent reporting of resources and relationships.

What else would Beth Borgmann do? Have everyone get on an RV and travel to see and meet families in other parts of the country. She'd even invest in RV trips abroad, with big road trips planned in Africa (thanks, mom!) and Asia, and Afghanistan. That's Year One of her first term.

She'd make sure the smartest young people would be working with foreign exchange students (under Fabi's tutelage - our former German Foreign exchange student) to dream up new energy technology. She'd award them with research funds and a trip to the cabin or on the RV. hehe.

Beth Borgmann as VP would oversee the decrease in military spending, because so many fewer people will want to kill anyone with her in office. She makes people smile because she laughs all the time and sees their best qualities.

The people in Afghanistan, the mothers of boys being sent to madrassas to train for the
Taliban, would also love her. The Taliban of terror would dissolve once and for all. The moms and children would meet up in Beth's first RV trip through Pakistan and into Afghanistan. She would take Sylvie and Izzy, chaperoned by Noah, Jack and Trent. This team of grandkids would see first-hand how different life is in the most rural areas and marvel at how lucky they are. They would not want to "fix' anyone or simply give them money. Beth Borgmann's grandkids would just be grandkids, and this would inform her own strategy for diplomacy. The boys would play soccer with the other young boys. Jack would ask if they knew what football was. Sylvie would be cracking open lotion bottles with the little girls in Kandahar, and Izzy would join in the kids building a bridge out of sticks and asking others to help her.

Beth as VP would lead then in the international relationship-building. And a decrease in terror would ensue. How? Because she sees and is able to communicate and model how simply relationships and understanding can happen, when we become like little kids - innocent, excited, and wanting to learn new things. Play nicely.

Lotion, soccer, bridges: these go a long way in smoothing over and inspiring fun for all and movement forward.

What else? Between a Barack and Beth ticket, John McCain would salute his political days goodbye. The American people would applaud his service and support his departure, as he, himself, recognized the changing world and lesser need for his kind of governance from fear. Beth is not a leader from fear. She trusts people and their best instincts and selves. And this is exemplified in her years with Steve, and her years raising kids and seeing them successfully and happily into their adult spaces. Her leadership is really simple, and really down to earth.

Even Governor Palin is happy with Beth stepping up, as she recognizes the years of experience that Beth Borgmann has in this arena of love and relationship building and nation building. (Though Beth herself is shy on these matters, it's part of her charm.) What works well for her clan of children and family, works well with all families and those at the helm of leading people.

I wonder now, who Beth will appoint into the larger cabinet from this clan?

Love! Happy Friday!

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