Friday, March 02, 2007

This is ha-larious! (Nancy Drew - Guide to Solving Mystery)

Ok. Who remembers Nancy Drew?

I was addicted to her books around 2nd or 3rd grade. Right until I had this terrible car sickness experience reading her while traveling through some rolling hills in Missouri toward Great Grandma Arduser's house. (The lying backwards on my tummy in the back end of our station wagon while reading one of her mysteries -- the title included a light tower or lantern-- was enough to do me in.)

I graduated to Judy Blume.

But this poem takes me back to this space of amazing affection, nostalgia for Ms. Drew.
So many things want to get solved in our lives. We all need to have a Nancy alongside us, to navigate the mystery....


Poem: "Nancy Drew" by Ron Koertge, from Fever. © Red Hen Press. Reprinted with permission.

Nancy Drew

Merely pretty, she made up for it with vim.
And she got to say things like, "But, gosh,
what if these plans should fall into the wrong
hands?" and it was pretty clear she didn't mean
plans for a party or a trip to the museum, but
something involving espionage and a Nazi or two.

In fact, the handsome exchange student turns
out to be a Fascist sympathizer. When he snatches
Nancy along with some blueprints, she knows he
has something more sinister in mind than kissing
her with his mouth open

Locked in the pantry of an abandoned farm house,
Nancy makes a radio out of a shoelace and a muffin.
Pretty soon the police show up, and everything's
hunky dory.

Nancy accepts their thanks, but she's subdued.
It's not like her to fall for a cad. Even as she plans
a short vacation to sort our her emotions she knows
there will be a suspicions waiter, a woman in a green
off the shoulder dress, and her very jittery husband.

Very well. But no more handsome boys like the last one:
the part in his hair that was sheer propulsion, that way
he had of lifting his eyes to hers over the custard,
those feelings that made her not want to be brave
confident and daring, polite, sensitive and caring.

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