Sunday, March 11, 2007

Adding Heat

I'm working on an essay. Not exactly sure where it's going. But, I have found some interesting data/ definitions, to back up my experience of the universe today.

I went for a walk. Observed the melting snow. Listened to this water running from the lawns, sidewalks, into open crevices, draining into the spaces below the streets. (What is that space called? What is down there? Sewer? pipes? Where does it all go? Explain!)

I came home craving iced tea. When I went to make a batch, the boiling water I poured over the tea bags in the glass pitcher caused it to bust into about 65 smaller pieces. I cursed and cried. (This was brand new, a Christmas-present-piece-of-ART-PITCHER from my sister.)

Here is me looking up things now that have to do with Heat. ADDING HEAT. (Entropy is a term I'd like to be able to throw around.) I'd like to unpack these definitions and look at implications for other parts of my life.

Here is one for you all:
"Heat" is the motional energy of molecules being transferred: when motional energy is transferred from hotter surroundings to a cooler system, faster moving molecules in the surroundings collide with the walls of the system and some of their energy gets to the molecules of the system and makes them move faster.

And another:
"Motional molecular energy (‘heat energy’) from hotter surroundings, like faster moving molecules in a flame or violently vibrating iron atoms in a hot plate, will melt or boil a substance (the system) at the temperature of its melting or boiling point. The amount of motional energy from the surroundings that is required for melting or boiling is called the phase change energy, specifically the enthalpy of fusion or of vaporization, respectively. This phase change energy breaks bonds between the molecules in the system (not chemical bonds inside the molecules that hold the atoms together) rather than contributing to the motional energy and making the molecules move any faster – so it doesn’t raise the temperature, but instead enables the molecules to break free to move as a liquid or as a vapor.

Yes. I'd like for some aspects of my life to move faster. I like this notion of breaking free, too. Breaking free from my life and service to education reform. And taking time this year to carve space for a personal life. Yeah. I like my number one goal on the planet right now: dating and marriage and babies. Any of you know how to light the fire under my future husband's ass?
I'd appreciate that.

In the meantime, I'm taking my walks. Observing the universe. Breaking things apart. Appreciating my own heat and ability to burn.


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