Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Passing through phases - please!!

My friends Colette and Nicole have me all up in this physics and quantum physics world. Oh, yes, how to draw on science as a model and metaphor for the human experience....Love them!

Tonight's assignment: to look up "thermodynamic slopes."

I was scrounging around in Wikipedia looking for definitions of Chaos theory and thermodynamic principles at play, and ended up on this page of simple definitions of "Phases" or "Matter."

Being all sick and such this past couple days, this has me screaming with giggles:
When a system goes from one phase to another, there will generally be a stage where the free energy is non-analytic. This is a phase transition. Due to this non-analyticity, the free energies on either side of the transition are two different functions, so one or more thermodynamic properties will behave very differently after the transition. The property most commonly examined in this context is the heat capacity. During a transition, the heat capacity may become infinite, jump abruptly to a different value, or exhibit a "kink" or discontinuity in its derivative.
Well, doesn't that beautifully explain my fever this past weekend?! It was my heat capacity revving up! I mean, I'm in serious phase transition, right? Passing from one phase of life, career, job, calling to another, and my free energy has been woefully non-analytic (well, at the lowest levels of analysis for this cookie) being sick and exhausted and all....

Now: I am going to be on the lookout for any abrupt jumping and kinkiness.
Yes. That Kink-alert has me quite curious!



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