Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Faith Vote

Hey Friends and Family,

I found this list of voting guides compiled at Faithful America to be inspiring, as it lists and links to the following partners:

The Jewish Council For Public Affairs (link to download Voting Guide)

Muslim Public Affairs Council

This is particularly resonant, given my morning at Bethel College, listening to Fr. Michael Lapsley* from South Africa talk about the role of story-telling in our world's healing and reconciliation. His number one charge to the room of Christian college students: do the work of INTERFAITH DIALOGUE. That's where we are ALL CALLED. ("When people respond to the notion that Senator Obama is a Muslim, you have a problem in this country. It's a call to do some work.")

I'll be blogging about all this, of course, as this was an amazing precursor to my journey to Africa, and is aligned with my passion to see all people thrive in this world.


Forgiveness and Healing: A South African Perspective
Guest speaker -- Father Michael Lapsley

8:55-10:10 am – Father Michael Lapsley was exiled by the South African Government in 1976, he joined the African National Congress (ANC) and became one of their chaplains. While living in Zimbabwe he discovered he was on the South African Government hit list. In April 1990 he received a letter bomb in the mail losing both hands, one eye and had his eardrums shattered. He now runs the Institute for Healing Memories in Cape Town.

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