Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Michelle Obama, Baby!

Good times in St. Paul, MN, yesterday. Thanks to my friend Cynthia and Tanya and Alisa and new friend Jen -- all rocking moms who clued me into this event at Macalester yesterday.

What a time in our lives! What an amazing and inspiring backdrop for so much unfolding in the foreground for ourselves, our children. Michelle Obama is an inspiration for all of us. It was a total privilege to attend this, and to do so next to these equally amazing moms.

Enjoy the pix!


Donnie Belcher said...

Your e-mail rocked my socks off this morning. I loved the images! They truly represent hope and inspiration in spite of the negative race talk! I don't know if I told you, but Michelle Obama attended and graduated from the High School I now work for (Whitney M. Young Magnet High School). Obama mania is definitely present in our building as we cheer on our future first lady, alumn and her husband.

Thanks for sharing!

Donnie B.

Ellen said...

Hey Melissa, thanks for this!!!!!! It is such a time....I am ever hopeful. Go Lila! Go Hoyt! E

Catherine said...

Looks like nothing but good times. How lucky you were to be able to attend this. Great to see so many kids at the event.

Last debate tonight ... I'm thinking that McCain is going to be aiming below the belt coz he's running on desperation now and he knows this is his last chance. But, Obama will maintain his cool and all will be well.

BG said...

Thanks for the pix! I have such a hard time dealing with crowds that it's hard for me to sit or stand in the middle of soooo many people. Glad you got to go. It looked like it was a blast! Also, love the signs! :-)

God bless! later, me

Emily Borgmann said...

MELIS! I have to tell you this email gave me goosebumps!! !!! It got my stomach doing butterflies! It made my heart beat faster! What great pictures…….these truly “speak louder than words”. The pictures of those mothers and their daughters and sons made me so hopeful and excited that change is coming….FOR THE FUTURE! Sometimes I see these kids at rallies and speeches and wonder if they understand the magnitude of what’s happening around them, what they are part of. And then I hope they DO remember it, and they DO get it and that those feelings of hope and change stay with them into their adult lives! I just think it’s wonderful that these parents take their kids to rallies and speeches, for both parties. Michelle Obama is so wonderful too, her poise, her demeanor, her intelligence level…..she is quite a bit better at public speaking than Cindy McCain…but I think we’ve discussed this previously.

I wish there were an Obama rally in NE or IA…..I would definitely want Sylvie to go. Although loud clapping and screaming usually makes her cry. J She’d deal. I’ve got her saying “Go Obama!” now…it’s so cute.

Thanks again Melis….what a great day for you and your friends and those lucky children!

Anonymous said...

GREAT pix! Looks like you were with some fab women & kids, too. Wish I would have found you! Thx for sharing. :)

Tiffany said...

Thanks for sharing, Melissa. It's nice to know people attended. I wanted to go, but had to be at work for a meeting. Only 20 more days...I'm not sure if I'll survive this campaign season. It's soooooo crazy!

Jill Timmer Teehan said...

Love the pix! Thanks, Melissa.

Michelle Obama is an amazing woman: from little means as a child, well-educated (by grants, loans and scholarships) - (I just read her commute from the South Side to Whitney Young High School in Chicago - 1. 5 hours each way by CTA bus...), great mom, funny, grounded, hardworking, balancing all that women do (took her nursing 1-year old child to a job interview -Sorry, babysitter canceled) with grace, poise and a hell of a fashion sense...

Jill Timmer Teehan
2690 Kelly Knoll Lane
Newbury Park, CA 91320

Lisa Teet said...

Melissa, I love these posts. What are we going to do when you’re in Africa? Will you be able to say in touch via e-mail?


Mary Schirber said...

great pix!!

Maddi said...

love the pictures - this is beyond inspiring - this election just must go this way - it just must!!!!!
I especially have loved the Toddlers for Obama sign.
My kids have paid so much attention to this election - what an amazing election to be a part of their history!

love you,