Monday, September 07, 2009

Quincy DeShawn Smith's Death: Prayers

The following was written as a prayer request and sent via email on December 13, 2008, while I was traveling in East Africa. I post it here now as I pay tribute to the lives of former students who have been killed in North Minneapolis. The information and picture copied below my words were sent via the Peace Foundation's "Peace e-lert" list-serve.


I am here in Uganda, reading emails, and have learned of this news about a former student of mine dying from the use of a police taser.

Please pray for Quincy. For his family. For the police. For all his friends. For the teachers and students he worked with. For the community of North Minneapolis - and beyond, that mourns this tragedy.

Quincy DeShawn Smith, 24, was killed this Tuesday after a struggle with the police in which he was tased. Quincy, once a North High School star football player, was also known as 'Q the Blacksmith,' a beloved DJ on KMOJ radio for almost two years. Although he had thousands of caring fans, none loved him more than the children he worked to nurture throughout the community.

As a teacher's assistant at Harvest Prep in North Minneapolis, students and teachers remember him as a tremendous role model with a caring heart and loving smile. Quincy will be greatly missed by his family and friends, as well as the entire community. He touched everyone.

(Vigil: 3:00pm @ 1000 block of Knox Ave. N)


IBé said...

Oh, Melissa! I know Quincy. He was a camper at a camp I worked at in college. I met him again years later at a peace festival and again at KMOJ. He still had the same big smile, and very respectful.
Oh, man, I just got a blow to the chest.

Queen Mab said...

Thanks for your comment, Ibe. I'm sorry that the news is now reaching you, your heart, this way. Quincy was a lovely, lovely young man. I get what a blow to the chest any of this news feels like.

For the record, Officer Jesse Garcia, spokesperson for Minneapolis Police, phoned me yesterday regarding the death of Quincy "Q" Smith. He wanted to clarify that his death was truly unfortunate, and the culmination of many factors, which included the tasing. Officer Garcia expressed high regard of "Q" having known him as well when he was at North High, and working a Northside beat.

Peace, Love,

Anonymous said...

thank you for the love.I fill so blessed that my son was loved so is truly a testimony to who and what type of person he was.thank you and may God continue to send use such wonderful human gifts to interact with in our lifetimes. Bettie Smith