Thursday, September 17, 2009

On "Particle Physics" - Posting a Poem for Quantum Love?

From Today's Writer's Almanac, a poem that perplexes and pleases me. A Quantum physics poem, to be sure. Or is it a baseball poem? Or lost love poem? Hmmmm.....
Critical response questions follow. Read on.

Particle Physics
by Julie Kane

They say two photons fired through a slit
stay paired together to the end of time;
if one is polarized to change its spin,
the other does a U-turn on a dime,
although they fly apart at speeds of light
and never cross each other's paths again,
like us, a couple in the seventies,
divorced for almost thirty years since then.
Tonight a Red Sox batter homered twice
to beat the Yankees in their playoff match,
and, sure as I was born in Boston, when
that second ball deflected off the bat,
I knew your thoughts were flying back to me,
though your location was a mystery.

"Particle Physics" by Julie Kane from Jazzy Funeral. © Story Line Press, 2009. Reprinted with permission. Information about the WCU Poetry Center.
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What would it mean to be fired through a slit together?
You and me?

Have you ever wondered what makes one polarized?
What gives you a charge?

Know anyone to turn on a dime?

Can you fathom the speed of light?
How would it feel to never lay eyes on her again? Or him?
Would you ache?

How are baseball and physics and love all connected?

(Have you seen "Bull Durham"? I wonder if Susan Sarandon reads such poems or blogs?)
What is your location?
Who do you love?
What have you lost?
How can we win home runs in love?
What do particles do when they divorce?

What do particles do when they love?
What are you and I made up of?
What does our matter say to these queries?
To this poem?

Can we ever put our finger on mystery?

Happy Questions and Contemplation!

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