Monday, September 07, 2009

Love to Sun Prairie, Wisconsin!

Hey Sun Prairie!

Do I know you? Near Madison, Wisconsin? A fan, friend, some-day acquaintance of Melissa Borgmann? Blessed be! It'd be lovely to get a note from you, as a curious, returning visitor to
QueenMab Contemplates. Maybe you don't have my direct email address? I just keep getting reports that you are returning, and it inspires a desire to know you. Drop me a line at
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The last time this happened, my cousin Jennie reappeared in my life. Are you another cousin? Maybe a classmate? A former collaborator? A friend of a friend? Certainly: a human curious about me.

I hope this finds you well!
Happy Labor Day!



tracey said...

I think you are talking to me! My name is Tracey and I live in Sun Prairie. Your blog is near my brother's that I read most days, I happened upon yours one day and find it interesting and compelling! The mystery is over! Just a curious voyeur of your blog, hope you don't mind! Blessings! Tracey

Queen Mab said...

hah! Greetings Tracey! Thanks for your comment! I'd love to know what your brother's blog is. Where does he live? What does he write about? Goodness! And what brings you back to mine!? (Are there particular topics that intrigue you? What are your political/ spiritual convictions? Do you know any former urban public school teachers? :-) Are you one?)

Hmmm....It's such a lonely business, this work of writing and blogging, that any opportunity to HEAR from a returning reader is a GIFT!)

Again, thank you for your note. It's truly lovely to hear from you.
Peace, Blessings, Gratitude,