Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Love to Northern California!

Hey! Greetings! Sacramento! San Francisco! Rio Linda! McClellan! Belvedere Tiburon! Berkeley! Stockton! Valley Springs! Oakland!

You all are lighting up my blog site!

I am so curious who is reading these random blog entries of mine in Cali! In the last month, my blog-reader report has blown up with statistics about communities in Northern California. Two specific communities, actually: Rio Linda and McClellan. (You may even note this inspired a line in a poem I wrote this past month!)

I am inviting your response here. I welcome your thoughts, comments, questions, prayers, your own story of who you are, and what brings you to "Queen Mab Contemplates."


I know I have a blessed community of family and friends and colleagues around the globe that keep tabs on me through this site. I love hearing words and prayers as response. That this could be, IS a space of mutual gift - gives me the greatest joy.

Please write. A comment in the comment section below. Or send me an email:

It's a privilege to hold space and inspire. We are all walking this road together, right?

Peace, Sunshine, Respect,

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Emily Lilja said...

The world is so much smaller than we realize! Peace! :)