Sunday, June 01, 2008

June 1st Gratitude: Listing Today's "Thank You's!"

As I begin June, I think this litany of "Thank you's" from Friday's blog bears repeating, even adding to.....

Thank you for the opportunities that present themselves daily. "Thank you" for these sweet fellows that are showing up left and right and expressing interest in hanging out with me. Thank you for Usry and Jesse and Rich and Joe and Uche. I'm saying "thank you" for the nuns. Thank you for the faithful, artistic, intelligent women and men in my life, and the invitations to serve and be in meaningful dialogue. Thanks for the opportunity to paint a group home in North Minneapolis, alongside the formerly incarcerated young men transitioning back into society, and Visitation High School Seniors. Thank you for the opportunity to host an Arts Professor from Ghana. Thank you for the invitation to sit with smart women at the Sisters of St. Joseph Center and talk about being agents of peaceful transformation. Thank you for the opportunity to dialogue on race and issues of diversity and equity with folks from the Peace Foundation. Thank you for the opportunity to dance and celebrate Jah! in the Reggae community. Thank you for the opportunity to work physically with my body and simultaneously help someone else out. Thank you for the network of beautiful supportive people that I'm surrounded by on Sundays at St. Philips, at St. Jane House, and throughout the week! Thank you for email. Thank you for the opportunity to take Ruth Hayden's "Women and Money Class." Thank you for peanut m&m's. Thank you for my cousins Choan and Jill and their humor. Thanks for Sr. Joanna in England. Thank you for Kelly Services and the opportunity to work. Thank you for Zola and her financial tidbits on South Africa and our larger globe. Thank you for David's empathy. Thank you for the opportunity to shop for dresses to wear to weddings. Thank you for Carrie Bradshaw and John "Big" Preston and Sex in the City. Thank you for Grey's Anatomy and the brain tumor patients who love and live.

Thank you for the opportunity to re-create and re-envision and be as transparent as possible in walking this path.


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