Saturday, July 14, 2007

La Vie en Rose: See this!

My goodness! Who knew Edith Piaf could so kick my ass?

Dear People, I've just come from the Edina Movie theater where I saw this French (?) film about the French singer who was told that her voice was the "soul of Paris." I've heard one other singer/performer/poet/artist that I believe had a voice that originated in the soul of the universe: Ms. Mankwe Ndosi. I love experiencing others' work about which this kind of comment can be made. Seems sort of rare, a privilege, and like Angels or God is standing before me.

No joke.

Go see this movie. You'll be moved. ...I can't even imagine what state I'd be in now if I understood a lick of French. Doesn't matter. The music and story are universal, tragic, and overwhelmingly, woefully beautiful.

Here's a clip:

Peace, Love,
Melissa B

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