Thursday, April 05, 2007

"Is God Real?" Response to the Newsweek Debate over Religion

To the Editorial Staff of Newsweek Online:

I appreciate this article. Thank you for encouraging critical discussion and debate on the topic of God's existence.

That being said, I long for the day when the discourse - in and of itself - is enough (and that is communicated by your writing, editorial staff.) This closing comment saddened me:

"And so four centuries on, a world away from Pascal's France, two men are undertaking his old wager. Who will win? No one can say. At least not yet."

I know our world operates on a win/ lose paradigm. Religion, good religion, is meant to teach us about a more enlightened mindset, that's not considered merely a settling in the "middle ground." Rather, our religion should lead us or teach us about a consciousness that allows for complexity, plurality, mystery to be held. In this space, there is no need for winning or losing.

Theologians like Fr. Richard Rohr, James Allison and Buddhist Nun Pema Chodron speak powerfully about these notions. In the future, I hope your editorial staff considers including some of these other thinkers and writers in this discussion of God and Faith.

Thank you.
Melissa Borgmann
Contemplative Writer, Teacher
St. Paul, MN
Queen Mab Contemplates

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