Saturday, August 30, 2008

On Barack's speech at the Democratic National Convention

From the Borgmann Family Blog, following Barack's Speech. My Aunt Peg and Brother in Law, Chris write:

Here I thought I'd go to the group and find all kinds of opinions flying about. Are you all partying somewhere? I was totally impressed. There have been too many times when I've heard just a short speech by Obama where he hesitates too much. He was very strong tonight. He promised a lot and I agree with Chris that much of what he said will be hard to achieve, but we have to dream that, what he wants for America, can happen. It was once a part of our expectations for life in the USA, attested to by some of the "ordinary" people who spoke. And, many of us have achieved what he speaks of, even though we have struggled much of our lives. WE are lucky to be working in jobs that are not determined by factory closings, outsourcing jobs etc. even though our lives are most deffinitely affected by those factors. Waiting to hear from you all.

- Peg

I responded to another e-mail, and completely forgot that I intended to comment on Barack's speech. I think he did a very good job, and like Peg said, I think his vision for America is a good one. I recall one statement that he intends to lower taxes for 95% of the population (woohoo, I know that includes most of us)! I'll be anxious to hear more details about his plans. The next two months are going to be information packed. Derrick, I'll be anxious to hear how your experience was. It looked extremely impressive on tv. I'll be anxious to hear who McCain selects as a running mate later today.


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