Monday, October 15, 2007

Peace Ball 2007!

What event brings together elected city officials, clergy members from around the Twin Cities, activists and artists concerned with social justice, parents of murdered children, North Side friends and neighbors, and representatives from private and non-profit organizations -- interested in the social fabric of our urban and glorious North Side?

That's would the Peace Ball, my friends.

Saturday, October 13, 2007, marked the occasion for the 4th Annual Celebration; this year, taking place at the Lundstrum Center for Performing Arts in North Minneapolis.

What follows are snapshots and inspiring words from the Peace Foundation event. (All photos taken by Brian Mogren.)

Thanks to Beth and Steve Borgmann, my awesome parents,
who sponsored a "Borgmann Family" table.

Pictured above, from Left to Right, Front:
Sharifa Charles, (Former North High Student, Project Success Facilitator)
Julia Dinsmore, (Author of "My Name is a Child of God: A First Person Look at Poverty")
Angela Riley (Mother of a son murdered July 27, 2006. Attending with "Mothers of Crime Victims. Org")
Ann Shallbetter (Choir Member and Parish Council Representative, Church of St. Philips)
Chris Williams (Journalist, The Catholic Spirit)
Gawolo Kpissay (Community Activist and Friend, Former Teen Group Member at the Church of St. Philips)
Daniel Kerkhoff (Artist, Contemplative, Peace Activist, World Traveler and Teacher)
Antoinette Bennaars, (Biologist, Choir Member, Church of St. Philips)
Jasmine McConnell (Former North High Student/ Poet/ Community Activist)

From the program, and spoken aloud by Peace Foundation President, Sondra Samuels to the crowd gathered:
"Tonight, Let's Party Across the Divide! Ours is a movement of the heart. Through relationships across race, class and geography we have committed to working together to end local violence. Our work is hard. Coming together across divides can uncover unhealed racial wounds and feed misunderstandings. Though not easy, building trusting relationships an changing hearts is our true work. So tonight, be sure to party across the divide! Meet and talk to people you don't know and who don't look like you. Oh yeah, and be sure to dance with them, too."



Brian Mogren, Friend, Photographer, Northside Resident and Peace Presence, embracing beloved friends and Peace Foundation Folks: Sondra Samuels, President, and Husband/ Partner, City Councilman Don Samuels

Soul Tight Committee

I love this picture of the dance floor, with Julia Dinsmore coming into focus in the crowd.

Toni and Ann

Embracing Elinor Anderson-Gene', (filling in for Reggie Prim with her artist, dancer, community-loving self.)

Beautiful Lauren Martin of Folwell Center for Urban Initiatives, and
Beloved Franciscan Brother John

Divine Healer, Spirit Woman, Northside Resident, Amoke Kubat, and her daughter Roxanne

Doing one of my favorite things on the planet: connecting folks.
Here, introducing Daniel Kerkhoff to Northside Artist and Residents:
Bill and Beverly Cottmann

Sharifa Charles and Gawalo Kpissay


Choir Chicas: Melissa, Ann, Toni

More boogying! Do you recognize anyone?
One of my favorites: Sherman Patterson in his dress blues!

City Councilman Samuels singing for us!

Don Samuels can seriously perform and entertain!

Crowd's Response to the Performance

A Gigantic Thanks again to Beth and Steve Borgmann, the beloved people gathered, and for the philosophy and faith underscoring all of this evening!
What a privilege to witness and participate in the creation of relationships across things that seem to divide us!


Sr. Mary Frances Reis said...

Hi, Melissa...thanks for the commentary and are the greatest!

love, mary frances of the funny faces!

Sr. Katherine said...

Thanks, pictures are better than words! It helped me 'be' there!


Beth Borgmann said...

Thank you Melissa for the high fives. I sure enjoyed checking out all the photos. Looks like everyone was having a wonderful time which is what this is all about.

Love you,