Monday, October 22, 2007

Interview with God// reflection

Aunt Mo and People:

These forwarded God things can arrive and be all cheesy and make me want to sort of hurl on the producer/ creator....(It's the sad truth.)

This one* to spoke to me this morning.

It arrives from my sister in law, Jodi, in Omaha, who I had the pleasure of kicking it with this past weekend. She and my brother Ben, and their three sons have created this life that inspires me: living pretty simply out in the country, with Love, Family, Faith, seemingly at the center of things.....

Well, they inspire ME. (Not a life for everyone, for sure! But still, there is joy that radiates from this rural space of open farm land and boy amusements -- that tickle this girl -- and the energy they put into creating fun...Remodeling the house? Playing football, drawing pictures of aliens and watching soccer and sports on TV...-- A most recent endeavor: Jodi learning to hide vegetables in the food she prepares: spinach in brownies?!...)

Anwyho, I'm up, getting ready to do morning prayer in my house, making coffee, lighting my Buddha candle, walking around wrapped in the prayer shawl Jody Tigges made me, and opening the window shades....As I'm doing this, I get this clear message: "God overwhelms you with love everyday. You never doubt that He is here and in charge. " I was smiling at the trees outside, and wondering how today this Love might manifest further.....

I came to sit down and read scripture, and rest quietly in the message, ("Gird your loins and light your lamps..."?!) and then found my way to this email and website link entitled "Interview with God."

There's some good stuff in here, again: that spoke to me. Lines about being children, living simply, losing our health in order to acquire wealth, teaching forgiveness by forgiving....
If you have time, watch it. Enjoy!

Peace, Love,

The wisdom in this presentation will make one reassess one's hectic life .... regardless of personal or religious beliefs.


Margaret Post said...


My favorite image from your email is of waking up, wandering through the house as it wakes up to you. It's a familiar feeling I have in my own house. Connecting to one's dwelling place seems an integral task for us spiritual beings, eh?

Love, love, love!

Margaret Nelson Brinkhaus said...

Thanks Melissa! I appreciate the way YOU live your life!!


Sr. Katherine said...

Been engaged in good stuff and just now am replying by saying- I could identify with your clear message, "God overwhelms us with his love."
My 8 day retreat lives on in me with that same message.


Becca Barniskis said...

Did it say something more interesting to you than it did to me???

You are way more big-hearted than I, Melissa Borgmann—god love you. And tender-hearted. It is what I love about you.

I thought this was the CHEESIEST.

God is a cheesy bastard, however.

I bet he LIKES canned music and nature photos and platitudes masking as wisdom to represent hisself to the muck of humanity.

Still, I appreciate that you include this cynical doubter in your circle of emails.

I dare you to send another one to me!!!

xxx ooo,