Thursday, February 14, 2013


"The Jewish people have a beautiful prayer form, a kind of litany to which the response is always "Dayenu!" (It would have been enough!). ...They list, one by one, the mirabilia Dei, the wonderful works of God for their people and themselves, and after each one, shout out DAYENU! As if to say, "How much is it going to take for us to know that God is with us?!" It builds satisfaction instead of feeding dissatisfaction." - Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM

Day 2 of Lent.

I was struck this morning, driving through our neighborhood, by the beauty of the snow covered trees.

As Francois and I practice making our litanies of satisfaction -- combing our lives for evidence of Love, Beauty, God's presence this Lenten season, this image seems a perfect example of something that might inspire us to exclaim: "Dayenu!" - or as Fr. Rohr translates, "How much is it  going to take for us to know that God is with us?"

What say you?

Happy Lenten Journeys!

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S. Karen said...

"It would have been enough" !! Yes, dear Melissa, God wants to be "our enough" ! love to you this day, S.Karen