Tuesday, January 05, 2010

"The Long Way Here" - Another Immigrant Narrative from John's Hopkin's Surgeon

The following was recommended to me by a friend in response to the posting about my husband's own immigration narrative. I share Dr. Kofi Boahane's story with incredible regard and awe for what he endured, (what people endure) to reach their dreams....Watch, consider the questions it raises, maybe say thank you for where each of you are today?

Some questions this video inspires me to ask:
Where would Kofi be without his persistence?
What would have happened had his chemistry professor not co-signed his loans?
What relationships are necessary for any of us to "succeed" or see our dreams into being?
When have you been "detained" from moving forward in life? What have the consequences been for you?
Who do you have to thank for where you are?
Who takes time to really get to know a colleague born outside their immediate community?
How do we celebrate the gift of our journeys to this moment, this place, and honor our respective paths?

Happy Contemplating...


JTT said...


After watching Dr. Kofi Boahane's odyssey from Ghana, to Russia, to the USA (Mississippi ?), to almost not getting into med school for lack of money... makes one's everyday life seem pretty simple. I thought I had some determination, but it pales in any way compared to his. How many times can someone be told no, before you give up? My husband always asks me, "Do you always take no for an answer and keep on going?" I think when you've experienced rejection or failure in something enough, you learn to anticipate it perhaps and then seek another way, method, chance, or possibility. The phrase "What next?" or What then shall we do?" keeps me going.

Send Francois' narrative when you get a chance.


Bettine said...

Wow - that was super powerful - I am sitting here with tears in my eyes.
Thank you Melissa for sharing this story.