Saturday, August 22, 2009

Love to Sun Prairie, Saxonwold, Shiraz! Readers around the World...

Wisconsin, South Africa, Iran. These are some of the places that people came from to view my blog this past week. I marvel how anyone outside my immediate circle stumbles upon my site, and what inspires those who choose to come back.

Love in Wisconsin?
Friendship in South Africa?
Political intrigue in Iran?

Google analytics provides these sorts of reports that could inspire the joy in any blogger's heart, deeper curiosity in the average voyeur, and wonder in the likes of me, who so craves two-way conversation.

If you find yourself coming back, please drop a note! Leave a comment. Email your thoughts. Do I know you? Do you know me? What brings you back time and again?

Thanks! Blessings!
Happy day to each and everyone who arrives here.


Emily Lilja Palmer said...

I know you baby! ;)

But I'm right here in the Twin Cities so that's not as fun as Shiraz. (My ex-husband's best friend was from that area of Iran, but... he lives in Florida now.)

Why do I keep coming back? Because your writing makes me think things I otherwise wouldn't. Which is a good thing.

Love you!

Jody said...


I agree with Emily "...Because your writing makes me think things I otherwise wouldn't. Which is a good thing."

But it's also the way you write, the topics you write on, the insights you have...all rolled into one delightful, thought-provoking blog. You have a gift and I enjoy you sharing that with me.