Monday, June 01, 2009

"The Case for Working With your Hands" - By Matthew B. Crawford

This article in the May 21, 2009 NY Times is amazing. A colleague at CAREI shared it with me. Essential questions the author Matthew Crawford poses are:

"Why not encourage gifted students to learn a trade, if only in the summers, so that their fingers will be crushed once or twice before they go on to run the country?"


"What does a good job look like?"

To this, I add, "And what does a good job FEEL like? And sound like? What happens in our brains, hearts, bodies when we are doing work that is "good"?"

I highly recommend the read. This ph.d turned motorcycle mechanic presents us with provocative thoughts in his examination of meaningful work and the cognitive processes and ethical components inherent in such employment activity.

Happy Contemplating!

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Jill Timmer Teehan said...

Love this. Educated, with all the opportunities and experiences that brings, and trained in something hands-on, physical with all the opportunities and experiences that brings; two kinds of intelligences which allows one to function in a multitude of worlds, jobs, lives, places AND doesn't make you resent, but respect, either form or work, world, humanity.