Thursday, November 06, 2008

From Fr. Jules Omalanga: Post-Election, Prayer

A note from Fr. Jules, Omalanga, my pastor at the Church of St. Philips, returning from a month abroad visiting family (most living in exile from Congo.)
Hi Melissa,
I'm back home after having great and blessed days with my relatives, friends and new friends in Europe. Back home and back to work already. As you know, in Europe and over the world people are so proud of Obama's election. In my family we had a champagne spread out at 5:00 AM (France's time) when CNN announced Obama's victory. Just this event changes the USA image throughout the world. Everybody are proud of Americans and believe that a new air starts in USA, but also a new world's order begins. Please, pray for Obama, his family and his staff for more wisdom, strength and success. "Yes, we can." Happy Birth Day and good trip to Africa. Peace and Love.

Fr. Jules
Prayers. Perspective. Peace. Amen!

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