Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Political Stuff: Chuck Hagel and Barack Obama

The following is excerpted from our Borgmann Family-List-serve. It was written following a broadcast on Minnesota Public Radio of Kerri Miller interviewing Senator Chuck Hagel, a Republican from Nebraska. Ms. Miller framed her conversation with this idea that Hagel could be Barrack's running mate, should Obama get the endorsement.

It's all premature speculation, this business of Senator Chuck Hagel and Barack Obama. But I do enjoy the notion of a ticket that fuses the parties.

I got into some trouble at the beginning of this season's primary campaigns with Frederico, (of Frederico and Fannie), a former political journalist from the Domican Republic. This is the house I would clean in every Wednesday, and where these two beautiful people would be running a day care in the basement. Frederico seemed fascinated with my political leanings and ideas, and would come up and ask me questions when I'd have Public Radio turned on.

"Who are you voting for?" He asked me point blank one day.

Rather than immediately respond, I gave him my honest question of contemplation:
"What would it look like if Obama and McCain would run together?"

This was in December, before Iowa. Whew. But it made Frederico mad.
"Do you want more war?! McCain will take this country into more war!" he said.

My whole point was about alignment across political lines, party affiliation. Actually, the opposite of war: a demonstration of a capacity to hold the tensions and complexities of this nation across black/white; yes/no; right/wrong/; privileged/poor; gay/ straight; republican/democrat divides. Please.

I'm ready for a really mature citizenry - and a transformed consciousness of the electorate - that allows for leadership to look and be different from what we've known in the past.

This speculation and questioning, is my attempt at leading through contemplation.

What do our imaginations allow and hope for?


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