Wednesday, April 09, 2008

News from North Minneapolis and the Nuns

"This day here was quite extraordinary in that there were lots of people with needs at the door -- two of which told us that their house had burned down. One was Nonie's* grandchildren's house (none home at the time). Another family who we've not seen for 4 years. They too were not at home when the fire happened. We were able to help both in a small way and feel good about what was decided - and how we decided to help. Oh, Life is very, very tough for so many."

"Things on fire. Homes burning down. I knew this all too well in the classroom at North High. Exponential was the trauma - and beyond a critical mass. Hmmm..."

* name changed

This is an excerpt from today's email correspondence between Sr. Katherine Mullin of the Visitation Convent and myself.

I thank God for her.
I thank God for all the nuns in North Minneapolis.
I thank God for all the beautiful people who live in North Minneapolis and continue on.
And my own recent practice of Buddhist meditation, invites me to thank God for the mess and crisis and suffering in North Minneapolis.

It all flows together and reminds me of how great love is, especially in the face of all the woe and fear and darkness. How easy it would be to sink into despair, to simply see the fires and flee? How grace-filled is it that there are these relationships that allow us the privilege to be present to one another's pain, as well as the possible joy? How powerful is the witness and invitation of the sisters' to "Live Jesus!" - as their founder's motto exclaims?

I'm thankful for it all today.
I'm thankful for the Visit of Archbishop Desmond Tutu this upcoming weekend.


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