Monday, September 24, 2007

Yeah Padre Pio! (On the Uncertainty of the Future)

I am oppressed by the uncertainty of my future, but I cherish the lively hope of seeing my dreams fulfilled, because the Lord cannot place thoughts and desires in a person's soul and not really intend to fulfill them, to gratify these longings which Our Lord alone has caused.

St. Padre Pio


Faith Peeps and Fam:

My friend Jody sent this quote this morning from St. Padre Pio. I Love it. It makes me think about all that makes us anxious. All that makes ME anxious. All that stirs - what I think of as - the onions mixed with oranges in my belly. That nasty sweet and sour mixture that creates quaking, deep wonder, trepidation.

So I have an uncertain future, eh?

Anyone else?

What gives?

God is here.

Love is here.

The ocean of want and life raft of our mutual faith is here.

Let Padre Pio's words rock on!

Happy Monday!
Peace and Blessings on your journey!


Suzann Bugenhagen said...

Love this quote-please pass on

Peg said...

Holy about divine. I can't believe how perfectly it fits.

Thanks for sending.

Sr. Rafael said...

Dear Melissa,

With a holy fear, I fear you are really praying.


Sr. Katherine said...

I too love this. It is a time of uncertainty in so many arenas, who couldn't connect with it.

sr. katherine

Sondra Samuels said...

Oceans of want...
sweet, sour mixture in our stomachs...
life raft of our mutual faith...

Gurrrll—you know you can capture our shared experiences with the tip of your pen dipped in the ink of your soul.

Muchos gracious.