Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Prayer from Jane de Chantal


Jane de Chantal co-founded the Visitation Sisters, (the rocking order of nuns that I have the privilege of being a Companion to in North Minneapolis.) I know many teachers are gearing up and going back into their classrooms, and the rest of us are mucking and milling about in busy, hectic lives.
I offer this as a short meditation, inviting peace and good energy to flow within, all around.

"Set your soul at liberty,
in peace and calm.
Withdraw it from the taste and slavery
of its own working and do not disturb it
with care and anxiety,
either from above or below....
for the sooner it refrains from that,
the sooner it will arrive at that holy calm, and more abundantly....

In this holy rest, affection expands."
--St. Jane de Chantal

Peace, Love,

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